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Celebrity Campaign Digest: new star-studded fall campaigns from Reebok and Moncler, StubHub’s new TV spots featuring Future and others

Celebrity Campaign Digest provides Spotted’s high-level assessment of some of the best and worst new celebrity campaigns from the world of brand marketing.

This week, we look at Reebok’s star-studded, women-led fall campaign, Moncler’s new #MONCLERBEYOND campaign, and StubHub’s new TV spots featuring a trio of celebrities. Let’s dive in!

Reebok’s ‘Be More Human’ campaign celebrates female empowerment

Announced on July 16, Reebok unveiled its fall campaign: Be More Human. Meant to celebrate “women who are transforming themselves and those around them”, the project maintains a central focus on female leaders who are making positive change in today’s culture. Reebok taps celebs Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid, and Danai Gurira to head this movement.

Spotted gives the partnerships overall scores of 82.1 (Ariana Grande), 99.9 (Gal Gadot), 95.9 (Gigi Hadid), and 51.7 (Danai Gurira), respectively.

Gal Gadot x Reebok

Gigi Hadid x Reebok

Danai Gurira x Reebok

Moncler’s “barrier-breaking” fall campaign features a number of famous faces

Italian luxury brand Moncler recently launched its new #MONCLERBEYOND campaign. Meant to promote the idea “going beyond barriers,” the campaign emphasizes the importance of transcending one’s own expectations. The project features nineteen celebrity figures, notably including Millie Bobby Brown, John Boyega, and Gus Kenworthy.

Spotted gives the partnerships overall scores of 49.1 (Millie Bobby Brown), 93.2 (John Boyega), and 64.9 (Gus Kenworthy), respectively.

Millie Bobby Brown x Moncler

John Boyega x Moncler

Gus Kenworthy x Moncler

StubHub debuts new star-studded campaign highlighting the joy of “experiences”

StubHub launched its new “Be There” campaign last week, highlighting the joy of experiences over purchasing material items. To help tell this story, StubHub launched new TV spots starring rapper Future, NFLer Todd Gurley and Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels. Each takes on a different job—sommelier, pottery maker and hardware store worker, respectively—to showcase StubHub’s mobile app as a means of connecting people with memory-making experiences.

Spotted gives the partnerships overall scores of 95.6 (Future), 76.9 (Albert Pujols), 92.5 (Todd Gurley), respectively.

Future x StubHub

Albert Pujols x StubHub

Todd Gurley x StubHub

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