Gut Celebrity Decisions Hurt Brand

3 Reasons Why Gut Celebrity Decisions Are Hurting Your Brand

Selena Gomez for Coach. Miranda Kerr for Buick. Lady Gaga for Tiffany & Co. Cher and Future for Gap. Taylor Swift for UPS. Guess how many of those recent partnerships and campaigns were based largely on hunch?

Chances are, all of them.

Most large-scale marketing decisions are made using data to ensure success ahead of time, with the end goal of maximizing ROI. For some reason, though, celebrity-related decisions (some of the most expensive a brand can make) still remain largely rooted in guesswork and gut calls.

The next time you’re about to make a decision before validating it with data, think about the following 3 reasons why gut celebrity decisions are hurting your brand.

1. You wouldn’t wear a blindfold to a knife-throwing contest.

Even in today’s data-focused marketing landscape, celebrity investments continue to be referred to as a gamble.

Yes, there will always be risks involved when working with celebrities since they are and always will be fallible human beings. But that doesn’t mean that all sense of strategic planning should be thrown out the window! Why not get ahead of the risk?

If you want to laser-focus your celebrity strategy, use data-driven insights to guide your tactics and then either validate or negate your decisions before rushing in and pressing “GO.” It’s always better to have a clear picture and some performance expectations in front of you before risking the budget (with zero idea of the outcome).

Yes, there are times when celebrity decisions made on gut calls lead to success. But why ever risk not succeeding? Let’s put it this way: the only way you’ll consistently hit the bullseye is if you keep the blindfold off of your eyes.

2. You’re only scratching the surface.

Instead of focusing on the intended target consumer audience (according to attributes like race, gender, age, interests, household income, etc.), brands often become too attached to the celebrities themselves and enamored of their superficial star quality.

“They’re fun and wacky!”

“My daughter loves them!”

“Ooh, they won an Oscar last year!”

If you want to reach the right consumers, though, and increase the likelihood of converting them into customers, you need to go beyond the surface. Focus on detailed criteria that will allow you to identify the celebrities whose audiences match the consumer segments you are looking to target. Beyond gender, age, popularity level and profession, this can include celebrity attributes like: adventurous, athletic, edgy, fashionable, funny, health-conscious, controversial, philanthropic, sexy, smart, sophisticated.

There are hundreds of variables that can help you understand if a celebrity is the right one to represent your brand and make an impact with consumers. There’s a world of potential out there that many brands are currently missing out on.

3. Goodbye big budgets, hello potentially blemished brand image.

At the end of the day, brands are the ones who really get hurt by celebrity decisions made without any sort of validation.

A quickly and superficially decided upon celebrity tactic can leave consumers feeling unphased, confused or even angry (if they see it at all). Is that ever a brand’s intent when executing a strategy? Not likely.

The end goal should be to inspire, delight and, ultimately, resonate with target consumers in a meaningful way. A celebrity-based marketing decision that does none of those things is an obvious waste of budget (not just chump change) and will also show poorly on the brand’s overall reputation and image.

Isn’t It Time to Remove the Guesswork?

While history has shown that celebrity-based marketing decisions are (and continue to be) largely based on hunch or gut, it’s never too late to rethink a legacy approach.

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