The Evolution Of Celebrity Endorsement

The Evolution of Celebrity Endorsement

  • 2017-11-17

If you’ve been even remotely aware of the marketing landscape over the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard something to the tune of, “Celebrity endorsement doesn’t work anymore. Influencer marketing is where it’s at.” Sure, influencer marketing offers a more targeted approach, allowing brands…

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These U.S. Cities Have The Highest Interest In Celebrities

These U.S. Cities Have the Highest Interest in Celebrities

  • 2017-09-27

As ubiquitous as celebrity influence is today, there are still some who are not interested in celebrities. Some may be interested in only a select few celebrities or types of celebrities (athletes, actors, etc.). Others may express no interest in celebrities at all. What is…

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How Retail Employees Can Use Celebrities To Drive Sales

How Retail Employees Can Use Celebrities to Drive Sales

  • 2017-08-08

Wouldn’t it be better if, instead of reciting a memorized blurb about the brand and asking customers what size they are on their way to the dressing room, your retail sales employees spurred organic, lively conversations around a point of pop culture fascination? Okay, that…

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