Highest Interest In Celebrities

These U.S. Cities Have the Highest Interest in Celebrities

As ubiquitous as celebrity influence is today, there are still some who are not interested in celebrities. Some may be interested in only a select few celebrities or types of celebrities (athletes, actors, etc.). Others may express no interest in celebrities at all.

What is important for brands to think about, though, are the parts of the consumer population in the U.S. and globally that do care about celebrities and celebrity-focused content.

Without doing the research and planning around these targets, brands may be blasting out celebrity campaigns to people who either A) don’t care about the content and won’t pay attention B) think negatively of celebrities and will then develop a negative opinion of the brand. It’s inefficient, a waste of valuable ad dollars, and can be dangerous to brand image.

One way to start measuring which cities are home to consumers that are highly interested in celebrities is by pulling social audience data from Facebook and Instagram. We did just that, so let’s take a look.

Audience Insights

In Facebook’s advertising platform, we used Facebook audience insights to build audiences of people who have searched for keywords like “celebrity,” “hollywood,” “celeb buzz,” “movie star,” etc. in the Facebook search bar. The keywords were kept fairly general to make sure that the audience is interested in celebrities as a subject and not just specific celebrities.

The 10 U.S. Cities with the Highest Interest in Celebrities

To determine which U.S. cities have the highest interest in celebrities, we didn’t just look at cities with the largest populations and highest number of Facebook users. We looked at cities where its Facebook users search for keywords like the ones above far more often than the entire population of Facebook users who are also searching for those keywords.

Take a look below:

Age: 18-34
Gender: All
Focus: Cities That Are Over-Indexing for “Celebrity” Keywords

1. Mesa, Arizona

2. Long Beach, California

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Richmond, Virginia

6. Spokane, Washington

7. Tucson, Arizona

8. Sacramento, California

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

10. Orlando, Florida

The 10 U.S. Cities That Have the Lowest Interest in Celebrities

As a counterpoint and an example of cities not to try and appeal to with celebrity content, we also determined which U.S. cities are least interested in celebrities. We looked at cities that under-indexed when it came to searching for those keywords. Essentially, Facebook users in these cities rarely search for celebrities and have a low interest in them.

Take a look below:

Age: 18-34
Gender: All
Focus: Cities That Are Under-Indexing for “Celebrity” Keywords

1. Newark, New Jersey

2. Nassau County, New York

3. Suffolk County, New York

4. Jacksonville, Florida

5. New York, New York

6. Birmingham, Alabama

7. Mobile, Alabama

8. Anchorage Alaska

9. Little Rock, Arkansas

10. Anaheim, California

Next time you’re working on celebrity content or a celebrity campaign, think about who exactly will be seeing it. What is their demographic information? What do they care about? Do they even care about celebrities? Do they love celebrities?

By thinking deeply on the consumers you’ll be reaching and their interests, you can focus your goals and hit people with relevant, attention-grabbing celebrity content that matters.

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